Instruction hazards in pipelining ppt

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    Instruction hazards in pipelining ppt
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    +2 = 73 min. (Y:53) * * * * Outline & Announcements Introduction to Hazards Forwarding 1 cycle Load Delay 1 cycle Branch Delay What makes pipelining hard Pipelining – dealing with hazards Limits to pipelining: Hazards prevent next instruction from executing during its designated clock cycle structural hazards: HW cannot support this
    filexlib. Chapter 8. Pipelining Instruction Hazards Overview Whenever the stream of instructions supplied by the instruction fetch unit is interrupted, the pipeline stalls. – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as an HTML5 slide show) on – id: 45b9d4-OThlM
    The hazards which come to life due to parallelism are data, structural, and control hazards .In order to achieve the true benefits of the parallelism through pipelining; these hazards must be properly handled. The data hazards are solved using bypassing in which we forward the required value of the operand to the succeeding instruction.
    instruction still in the pipeline 3 Structural Hazard A relation between two instructions indicating that the two instructions may want to use the same hardware resource (function unit, register file port, shared bus, cache port, etc.) at the same time MIPS pipeline as designed so far does not have structural hazard But we had to avoid it
    Data Hazards occur when an instruction depends on the result of previous instruction and that result of instruction has not yet been computed. whenever two different instructions use the same storage. the location must appear as if it is executed in sequential order.. There are four types of data dependencies: Read after Write (RAW), Write after Read (WAR), Write after Write (WAW), and Read
    The three different types of hazards in computer architecture are: 1. Structural 2. Data 3. Control Dependencies can be addressed in a variety of ways. The easiest is to introduce a bubble into the pipeline, which stalls it and limits throughput. The bubble forces the next instruction to wait until the previous one is completed. Structural Hazard
    Data Hazards Example add$s0, $t0, $t1 sub$t2, $s0, $t3 Summary Pipelining Lessons Pipelining doesn’t help latency of single task, it helps throughput of entire workload Pipeline rate limited by slowest pipeline stage Multiple tasks operating simultaneously using different resources Potential speedup = Number pipe stages Unbalanced lengths of pipe …
    Pipelining Basics The 5 Cycles in MIPS MIPS steps: Fetch the instruction from RAM Decode and read the regs Execute the operation or calculate the effective address – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as an HTML5 slide show) on – id: 67b326-ZWE2N The dependencies occur for a few reasons which we will be discussing soon. The dependencies in the pipeline are called Hazards as these cause hazard to the execution. We use the word Dependencies and Hazard interchangeably as these are used so in Computer Architecture. Essentially an occurrence of a hazard prevents an instruction in the pipe
    Pipelining Outline Introduction Defining Pipelining Pipelining Instructions Hazards Structural hazards Data Hazards Control Hazards Exceptions Performance Controller implementation Exceptions – “Stuff Happens” Exceptions definition: “unexpected change in control flow” Another form of control hazard. Two Types of Exceptions: Interrupts

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