A sweets class of Japan's top pastry chef


Japanese confectionery is highly evaluated around the world in world-class confectionery competitions. We will carry out our new attempt to let confectionery lovers in Japan and abroad know the charm of Japanese Western confectionery, which is attracting attention from all over the world, and its excellent technique. We will show you the latest technology by top Japanese pastry chefs online. We want to revitalize the exchanges in the Western confectionery world that have been stagnant by Corona. Please join us as an alternative to our canceled workshop.

All participants will welcome

This is a confectionery class by a popular chef pastry chef. You can feel free to visit online for professional skills that you can never see normally. You can also ask the chef questions in real time from the chat section.
We will use Zoom, but please feel free to join us as there are no faces or voices.
All participants can get a recipe card (PDF) of Western confectionery to be demonstrated on the day.

We will send you a recipe card (PDF).


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